Month: November 2009

Aime Copony Sexy Asian Teaser

88 Square continues to find some of the hottest asian babes around, this time it stunning Aime Copony. This cutie has got a unique look, a sexy body, and she is such a teaser. This set has her out in the grasslands of Thailand in a tiny bikini, giving us peeps and teasing us like crazy, and really getting into it. I love her inny nipples, you know you have to suck on them a bit to get them to pop out. Would you like to make them pop out? This girl is so naturally sexy, so cute, she is the type of Thai girl that drives men crazy!

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Teen Chloe Fucks on the Rebound

Sometimes being a good wingman is knowing when it’s time to go it on your own. Like what happens to this guy when he helps a buddy out:

My buddy calls me up all upset because his girl broke up with him. He told me to go get his stuff from her house, so he did not have to deal with her anymore. I went over there, and she was all frustrated that he would not come over and deal with it himself. I did not want to get to involved but she is so sexy. The way her tits were popping out was giving me a hard on. I knew I had to fuck her when she grabbed my cock. I was loving it. There is nothing like young and tight pussy.

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Newbie Porn Orgy



The Japanese directors at Teens from Tokyo are tireless in their pursuit of new twists on porn. What they did here was just turn a bunch of new porn actors loose in a room and of course, just stood back to see what would happen. Fucking is what happened with this many naked Tokyo young girls in one room, it had to happen.

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Hot Asian Kim Tao Sucking a Big Cock

You have to love it when a totally petite asian girl tries to take on a big cock. It always looks like a battle. Kim Tao is a fucking hotty, I have not idea where she is from but she is tiny, horny, and asian, which is all the things I love in my asian pussy. She is getting ride in a limo, and let’s say that there is a price for the ride. This tiny girl isn’t shy to whip this guy’s huge cock out and go for it. Can you imagine a girl like this working your cock? Damn, she’s hot, and she’s a great fuck too! She is so tiny and yet she manages to take almost this whole cock!

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Sexy Kina Kai

When it comes to asian fantasy girls, many guys really get off on the sexy and unique looks of asian hotty Kina Kai. She is an Asian American of Filipino decent, but she has that certain almost polynesian look that makes her very unique and sexy. She is a hardcore pornstar, but as you can see from these sexy shots, she is also a stunning asian babe that most of us would lust after! She has well done man made boobs, very sexy and not at all over done, and a curvy petite frame. In the this scene from Cumfiesta, she does some pretty naughty things on a pool table, but manages to look sexy as hell the whole way through. A true asian fantasy girl!

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Thai Cutie Jysa Absolutely Micro Tits

There are different classes of small boobs, from the girls with the nice ripe little B cup titties to the girls with the perky A cups, and then there is Jysa. Jysa is the sort of girl who might go through her entire life using a training bra, because her boobies will never be all that big. That’s okay, because her tiny tits are capped with some pretty big nipples, and she is one sexy girl for sure. Oh yeah, she plays up her tiny size and stuff, and even shaves her Asian pussy too, which is really naughty! She is all woman, all sexy, and her tiny tits are very suckable indeed. Want to give her boobs a lick?

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Sexy Korean Beti Hana

Beti Hana is a fresh face to the porn world, having only done a couple of scenes so far. But what she lacks in experience, this sexy korean girl makes up for in physical presence. The first thing is that she is listed in some places as teen, but as is typical for Korean women, it is very hard to tell. Some of the closeup pics shows her as much younger, where the more distant pics like this one show her as mature. Either way, she has an amazing hot body, a classic Korean face, and she loves to fuck. In this scene from CumFu, Beti Hana takes on two guys, and ends up with a nicely done creampie pussy following an internal cumshot. She isn’t shy!

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