Classic Asian Pornstar Asia Carrera

I don’t know if Asia Carrera would be happy if I called her classic. I am sure I would get sort of an odd look from her, for the moment that she perhaps calculates her own stature in the porn world that was. I met Asia for the first time in Vegas about 2000, she is an exceptionally bright (Mensa member) and exceptionally shy (hates to meet people, but does it anyway), and stunningly beautiful. When she has her full “war paint” on, she is a stunning pornstar second to none. When she is herself, she is a very pretty normal asian mix girl that you might almost miss in a crowd. Her hardcore scenes are classics, her sexy pics are always amazing, and Asia herself is one of the true stars that made the porn business what it is today. I don’t do this often, but with much respect I give you a link to the Asia Carrera buttkicking Homepage, she runs it herself, and you can sort of peep in on her new life as mommy, kind of fun.

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