Francine Dee

Francine Dee is the sort of girl that you either love or you think she is way over done. There is no middle ground with this sexy import car model, nude model, and website owner. She has a unique look, being that she is 3/4 Filipino and 1/4 Chinese. Born in Hong Kong, she moves to America at 5 and attended Catholic school, and as her bio says, you know what that does to a girl! She has been modeling since she turned 20, and is very well known in the Import Car scene. Her most obvious assets are her very large (and obviously fake) boobs, with high riding nipples that really stand out. She is curvy and shapely, that is for sure. On her personal site there is plenty of nude pics, sexy pics, and some wild stuff too. She does hot live cam shows for her members, and she also appears to have some voyeuristic house cams. That could be fun. While she doesn’t seem to do hardcore porn, I am sure she has been responsible for more than a few boners, being so sexy and all!

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